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    1. A Dickhead is literally a person who has a penis hanging from the front of their forehead.

    2. Dickhead is commonly used to describe a person, usually male, who annoys everyone around them by doing or saying things that are inappropriate or out of place.

    3. Dickheads are generally contemptible, annoying and loathsome people that you do not want to spend any time with.

    4. A Dickhead is also a person in a position of petty authority who uses said authority to rub others up the wrong way.

    BBC presenter Clive Myrie used the word “dickhead” to describe the boxer Tyson Fury during a live TV newspaper review, as a public petition grew for Tyson’s removal from the BBC Sports Personality of the Year awards list due to Fury’s homophobia. That makes Clive Myrie a very brave man!

    Example usage:

    “Our new teacher is a total dickhead, he is making us learn the names of all the Belgian kings from 1517 onwards and I don’t think that is very useful.”
    “That customs official has been riffling through my rucksack for the last hour, he is such a dickhead!”
    “Liam Gallagher has said that his “only regret” about Oasis splitting up is that brother Noel “became a dickhead” – NME

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