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    Oche is the line behind which the throwing player must stand in the game of darts.

    It is officially meant to be 7 ft 9 14 in (2.369 m) from the dartboard when measured horizontally.

    The origin of the term is hotly disputed. It was originally spelled “hockey” when it came into use in the 1920′s, only becoming “oche” in the late 1970s.


    The most likely theory says that “Hockey” was derived from the Old English word “hocken” for spitting. In those days spitting competitions were held in the pubs across England and the “hockey line” was determined by the length that a given player could spit from the dartboard.

    In non-sporting usage “to get on the oche” is similar to “get with the program” or to be involved in an activity.

    Example usage:

    “Get on the oche, mate, it’s your turn to buy the next round”.

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