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    1. A Bastard is a person that is an illegitimate child, i.e a person who was born from parents that were not in wedlock at the time of the birth.

    2. A Bastard is also used to describe a person who is unkind and hard on others.

    3. Bastard is the condition of illegitimacy, historically a common situation where the lord of the manor fathered a child with a member of his staff and did not officially recognise it as his own.


    Example usage:

    1. “My parents weren’t married when they had me, which technically makes me a bastard!”.
    2. “Don’t be such a bastard and pay the men the over-time that they deserve!”.
    3. “She is the bastard daughter of Lord Snooks, who got the chambermaid pregnant and fired the poor woman when he found out.”

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