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    1. To bugger someone is to penetrate them up the anus.

    2. In certain British social circles “Bugger” is also used to mean chap or fellow.

    3. Popular exclamation to express surprise or dismay at a piece of news.

    4. To fool around or make mischief.

    A memorable use of the word bugger can be found in the film “Three Weddings and a Funeral”:

    ” Iwas at school with his brother Bufty. Tremendous bloke! He was head of my house. Buggered me senseless. Still, it taught me a thing or two about life!”.

    Example usage:

    1. “Stop buggering that man and come out for a pint”.
    2. “That old bugger used to be my teacher in 5th grade!”.
    3. “Well bugger me with a wet kipper, if that isn’t old Bertie over there!”.
    4. “Stop buggering about and get serious, will you!”.

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