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    Butt-Munch, Buttmunch

    A Butt-munch is someone who wears trousers so tight that it appears as if the material is getting munched up between their ass-cheeks on the way to be swallowed up by their anus.

    A Butt-munch is also an idiot, general term of abuse used to describe a fool.

    A Buttmunch is an arse-lick or a lickspittle. A person who sucks up to people in positions of power for personal gain or simply to ingratiate themselves.

    Example usage:

    1. “Hey, buttmunch, pull down your shorts before they disappear up your anus!”.
    2. “That’s not the Mona Lisa, you buttmunch, that’s Marilyn Monroe!”.
    3. “If you give your boss one more present he’ll have you down as a total buttmunch!”.

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