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    1. A Chav is a person from a poor background who lacks culture. When a chav makes money they are in danger of become nouveau riche.

    2. A Chav is a working class person who likes ostentatious clothes and bling.

    3. A Chav is a young man from a humble background who spends his money on flashy gold rings and chains and hangs out in tracksuits. Usually still lives at home despite trying to project an air of adult sophistication by wearing branded clothing and driving a souped-up car.

    Example usage:

    1. “That David Beckham is the ultimate chav!”.
    2. “Look at the chav over there, decked out in Armani from head to toe but can’t pronounce the word Beaujolais!”.
    3. “Our marketing department must get hold of the chav consumer, let’s advertise in all of the lad magazines.”

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