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    Kahuna is a slang expression for breasts.

    Kahuna is originally a Hawaiian word that means shaman or wizard. It transmogrified into meaning anything clever , good or big.

    Experts believe that the final change in meaning to breast is down to breasts being clever, good, and big – if you are lucky.

    The word Kahuna had its 15 minutes of fame in the Tarantino blockbuster “Pulp Fiction” as a fictitious Hawaiian Burger chain “The Big Kahuna”, which is rightly famous for their “Big Kahuna Burger”.

    So deeply runs Tarantino’s fascination with this non-existent burger chain that it features in almost all of his films. Some experts believe that this is a profound statement about the centrality of burgers in American life – a meaty, cultural bedrock on which modern “Manifest Destiny” is built. Other experts believe a more likely explanation is the centrality of the burger in Tarantino’s cultural life. But we digress.

    Example usage:

    “Did you see those Kahunas? They’re divine!”.

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